Enjoy RV Traveling? You will love Cortes Campers...

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Camping made easier with Cortes Campers 17-ft RV Travel Trailer. This travel trailer is made to last twice as long as other small campers.


Easy to tow with a small vehicle, easy to  maneuver, stylish backup and brake lights plus Timbren axle-less axles.


Check out our Video Gallery for a closeup look at the Cortes Camper on the move. 

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  Posted: June 18, 2021 

Cortes Campers Beautiful Interior Kitchen and Living Area

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The Cortes Campers Kitchen area has the best-in-the-market appliances from Furrion to match the luxurious interior. All components for seating and sleeping are manufactured from molded biaxial fiberglass. 

  Posted: June 2, 2021 

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17-ft RV Travel Trailer with Molded Fiberglass Components

The bathroom walls and cabinetry for the interior of the 17-ft RV Travel Trailer are fabricated from biaxial fiberglass and gel coated for a smooth, clean, and durable surface.



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  Posted: May 17, 2021 

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Cortes Campers Vacuum Infuses its 17-ft RV Travel Trailers

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Cortes Campers successfully vacuum-infused biaxial fiberglass to produce a two-piece monolithic joined structure for its 17-ft travel trailer. Vacuum infusion puts Cortes Campers lightyears ahead of the rest of the RV industry. It will speed up the build process and reduce emissions to create a healthier and safer work environment for the employees.

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  Posted: May 6, 2021 

Cool Blue Color for a 17-ft RV Travel Trailer

Choose your favorite color from POLYNT ARMORCOTE 991 Marine Gel Coats.


ARMORCOTE 991 is a superior gel coat designed with higher elongation for enhanced fracture resistance. UV resistant for reduced chalking and yellowing in outdoor applications. Resistant to water and osmotic blistering.​

  Posted: May 5, 2021 

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Windows and More!

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Cortes Campers uses the highest

quality materials and components available in the marketplace.


The RV Travel Trailer windows are double-pane acrylic smoked glass with built-in screens and blinds.  

The interior structure is fabricated from biaxial fiberglass and vacuum-infused.

  Posted: May 4, 2021