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Upper and Lower Interior Molds Ready to Produce Interior Liners  

Cortes Campers_2694.jpg

Having two monolithic inner liners for the inside top and bottom  produces a uniform and continuous look and feel.

Each section is fabricated from molded fiberglass composites and marine coatings for a stronger more durable camper.

Cortes Campers_2697.jpg

  Posted: May 27, 2022 

New Continuous Interior and Exterior Sections... 100% Molded Fiberglass

Cortes CAmpers_2483.jpg

Cortes Campers is continuously improving its manufacturing of the molded fiberglass exterior and interior sections.


The inner liner is designed to allow for easier assemble of the camper and kitchen appliances.

  Posted: April 15, 2022 

Cortes Campers_0348.jpg

Cortes Campers Marine Gelcoats give a lasting shine!

Cortes Campers_2420.jpg

Cortes Campers currently offers exterior colors in White, Medium Blue,  and Sea Foam Green. 

Interior features acrylic cabinet doors, fabric cushions, and fiberglass tables.

See Cortes Campers 17-ft Specifications for all the amenities included in this luxurious travel trailer.

Cortes Campers_2432.jpg

  Posted: April 14, 2022 

Enjoy RV Traveling? You will love Cortes Campers...

Cortes Campers 04_06.12.2021.jpg

Camping made easier with Cortes Campers 17-ft RV Travel Trailer. This travel trailer is made to last twice as long as other small campers.


Easy to tow with a small vehicle, easy to  maneuver, stylish backup and brake lights plus Timbren axle-less axles.


Check out our Video Gallery for a closeup look at the Cortes Camper on the move. 

Cortes Campers_1020.jpg

  Posted: June 18, 2021 

Cortes Campers Beautiful Interior Kitchen and Living Area

Cortes Campers_1015.jpg
Cortes Campers_3389.jpg

The Cortes Campers Kitchen area has the best-in-the-market appliances from Furrion to match the luxurious interior. All components for seating and sleeping are manufactured from molded biaxial fiberglass.

  Posted: June 2, 2021 

Cortes Campers_0984.jpg

Cool Blue Color for a 17-ft RV Travel Trailer

Cortes Campers offers Blue, White, and Sea Foam Green for it's exterior colors.

Superior marine coatings  are designed with higher elongation for enhanced fracture resistance. UV resistant for reduced chalking and yellowing in outdoor applications. Resistant to water and osmotic blistering.​

  Posted: May 5, 2021 

Cortes Campers_0748.jpg
Cortes Campers_0750.jpg

Windows and More!

Cortes Campers_0757.jpg
Cortes Campers_0754.jpg

Cortes Campers uses the highest

quality materials and components available in the marketplace.


The RV Travel Trailer windows are double-pane acrylic smoked glass with built-in screens and blinds.  

The interior structure is fabricated from the highest quality fiberglass composites.

  Posted: May 4, 2021 

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