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Introducing a totally new concept in trailers.


Is this the most intelligently designed recreational trailer ever built? See for yourself and explore the unique patent pending designs.


Introducing the most exciting breakthrough in trailer technology in more than 50 years.


Engineered to last a lifetime.


Every Cortes Camper is precision-engineered using high-performance composites molded fiberglass, the same technique used to create high-performance carbon fiber for use in jumbo jets and Formula One race cars.


Our fiberglass layers are bonded to a honeycomb core, a space-age material used in helicopter blades and airplane wings.


The entire exterior is sealed tight in marine-grade gelcoat, an advanced technology developed for high-performance offshore racing boats.


The result: a scientifically advanced trailer built to outlast anything else on the trail.



Easier on your tow vehicle.


The space-age body rides on a powder coated metal frame, making it incredibly lightweight.


That minimizes wear and tear on your towing vehicle. And it means you get better gas mileage, which puts money back in your pocket.


Plus, every component is finished with industrial-strength powder coating for maximum corrosion resistance.



Intelligently designed to be more fun.


The interior is just as cleverly engineered, because we craft it using the same sleek materials.


Sinks, counters, and cupboards are all ingeniously durable yet lightweight. Every last detail is cleverly calculated to maximize your storage space and still make your trailer feel spacious.


It's easy to maintain, easier to tow, and loaded with features you'll actually use.


Nobody else makes a trailer like this.


Cortes Campers builds true four-season trailers capable of handling practically anything you can throw at them.


Go ahead, take yours anywhere. Your next adventure awaits.

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