Cortes Campers Uses Molded Patent Pending Aluminized Fiberglass Advanced Technology!

​Cortes Campers state-of-the-art travel trailers utilize the finest quality marine materials plus our advanced technology in molded patent pending aluminized fiberglass construction. For suspension, we are using an innovative one-of-a-kind axle-less independent suspension from Timbren Axle.


​The molded patent pending aluminized fiberglass body consists of an exterior layer of 1208 biaxial patent pending aluminized fiberglass, an inner honeycomb core, and an interior layer of 1208 biaxial patent pending aluminized fiberglass that guarantees durability, flexibility, and superior strength.  


We do not use a Chopper Gun!!! 


Only the best top of the line ARMORCOTE 991 Marine Gel Coats from POLYNT is applied to coat the fiberglass surface. ARMORCOTE 991 is a superior gel coat that gives the inside and outside of the trailer a rich sheen and luxurious look making it a one-of-a-kind travel home.​

The entire interior is molded 1208 biaxial patent pending aluminized fiberglass, including sinks, counters, and cupboards.

Cortes Campers_10A.jpg
Cortes Campers Fiberglass HoneyComb_0400



The luxurious travel camper includes additional storage space, windows, appliances, and advanced technology to monitor essential energy sources.

Our dining table is manufactured from molded carbon fiber and kevlar, extremely durable and lightweight materials.


The Cortes Campers travel trailer is built in our own factory along-side our high-performance offshore racing boats. Side-by-side production lines will enable Cortes Campers to profit from economies of scale in the fiberglass 

construction and application of fiberglass, marine materials and components.

Unlike other travel trailer manufacturers, who do not use subgrade materials, Cortes Campers uses the highest

quality materials and components available in the marketplace.

There will be ABSOLUTELY…



  • NO Cheap Steel

  • NO Transportation-grade Gel Coat

  • NO Chopper Gun – we do not even own one!

… in the construction of the Cortes Camper Travel Trailer!

The ARMORCOTE® 991 Series gel coats are advanced technology polyesters developed for lower emissions, improved flexibility, and superior weather resistance to surface yellowing and chalking.

Click here to learn more about this amazing ARMORCOTE® 991 Gel Coat.

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