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Molded in Composite Frame!

New for 2024! Explore the Future of Camping with Our Monocoque Camper – Approximately 1000 Pounds Lighter and Towable with Smaller Vehicles!

Introducing our Patented monocoque camper, a true game-changer in the world of camping. What makes it superior?

Key Features:

🔧 Integrated Molded Frame:

  • During production, the monocoque construction seamlessly molds the frame into the body utilizing Bi-axial fiberglass.

  • No separate pieces, no rust, and no corrosion. Enjoy durability that lasts.

🌐 Aerodynamic Elegance:

  • The sleek and modern design not only turns heads but also enhances fuel efficiency.

☀️ Lightweight Freedom:

  • Now approximately 1000 pounds lighter! Biaxial fiberglass construction keeps the camper lightweight without compromising strength.

  • Towable with smaller vehicles – experience ease of towing and improved overall performance.

🏡 Spacious Interior:

  • Despite its compact exterior, our monocoque camper offers a surprisingly spacious and comfortable interior.

  • Smart design maximizes living and storage space without sacrificing functionality.

🚿 Integrated Holding Tanks:

  • Holding tanks are seamlessly molded into the camper, adding to the sleek and efficient monocoque design. No tanks to go bad!

🛣️ Adventure-Ready:

  • Built for the road less traveled with rugged monocoque construction and all-terrain capabilities.

  • Ready to accompany you on your next adventure, wherever it may lead.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Materials:

  • Our commitment to sustainability shines through with the use of eco-friendly biaxial fiberglass and ZERO wood construction.

🛌 Comfort Meets Innovation:

  • Modern amenities and thoughtful design ensure a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

🚗 Tow with Ease:

  • Towable with smaller vehicles, providing flexibility and convenience unmatched by competitors.

🔒 Security & Durability:

  • Enhanced security features paired with the longevity of the monocoque construction guarantee peace of mind on every journey.

Join us in redefining the camping experience. Embrace the future with our Patented monocoque camper – where innovation meets adventure!

Cortes Campers - Pioneering the Future of Camping

What is Monocoque Construction?

Monocoque Construction: Streamlined Strength

Monocoque, a term of French origin meaning "single shell," refers to a structural design where the chassis and body form a single integrated unit. In the context of vehicles, monocoque construction eliminates the need for a separate frame, with the body itself serving as the chassis. This innovative approach enhances strength, reduces weight, and often improves aerodynamics, resulting in a more efficient and agile vehicle. Commonly found in high-performance exotic cars and certain types of aircraft, monocoque construction represents a sleek and sophisticated engineering solution for achieving optimal performance and structural integrity.


Dry Weight:      1680 lbs.

GVWR:              3500 lbs.


Style:                 Travel Trailer

Type:                  17-ft Single Axle SUPER Lightweight

Sleeps:              2-3

Tanks (approx.):

Fresh                  37 gals.   

Grey                    25 gals.

Black                  16 gals.

MSRP Starting at only $39,950

Available with the same interior layouts as our Award Winning Cortes 17 or our Cortes 16!

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