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Tap into a new market, by selling or renting molded fiberglass campers.”

Thank you for your interest in our Cortes Campers Dealer Program! 

We are recruiting entrepreneurs for our strategic Dealer/Rental network.​

Cortes Campers Dealers make more $$$ 

because they gain…

  • new products

  • new market

  • new customers

  • separate your stores from the competition.

  • our molded fiberglass campers are not commodities, and we can only make so many. 

  • they will never be thick on the ground!


Partner with Cortes Camper to keep these sales local!

RV News magazine named the Cortes 17

"Lightweight Camper of the Year 2024"

RV News, November 17, 2023, p. 116-117


Our dealers have access to a previously closed segment of the Travel Trailer market – "MOLDED" Fiberglass Campers.

If your dealership is ready to expand your product line by selling or renting a molded fiberglass “Forever Camper”, we have the perfect opportunity awaiting you to gain new business and build your customer base.

Cortes Campers build molded fiberglass, double-hulled, ZERO-WOOD, sealed with the highest marine-grade gelcoat and weighs under 3,000 lbs. 

Unlike most of the other manufactures like Casita, Scamp, Oliver and Escape, Cortes Campers only sells exclusively through a Dealer Network.  


We do not sell direct!

Click here to Contact Us!

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