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Tap into a new market, by selling or renting molded fiberglass campers.”

Thank you for your interest in a Cortes Camper Dealership. 

We are recruiting entrepreneurs for our strategic dealer/rental network.

Our dealers access an essentially previously closed segment of the Travel Trailer market "MOLDED"

Fiberglass Campers.


If your dealership is ready for new business selling OR RENTING a “Forever Camper” with its own dedicated customers.


Call Brian Andrews at  440-281-3739 or email


Additional information:

  1. The high quality MOLDED fiberglass travel trailers market is not new. Casita is in its 44th year, Oliver launched in 2007, Escape is in its 31st year, Scamp is five decades on. 

  2. Until Cortes, these four manufactures dominated the North American market by exclusively selling factory direct. 

  3. Cortes Campers WILL NOT sell direct.  We are committed to our Strategic Dealer Network business model.

  4. MOLDED fiberglass trailers are built better than traditional trailers.  In the case of Cortes, just four main body parts vs. thousands of parts and pieces.  Furthermore, our campers are constructed with ZERO-WOOD and sealed only with Marine Grade Gelcoat.    

  5. Cortes Camper’s sister company, Fusion X Marine,  has decades of experience manufacturing premium, fiberglass boats.

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NORDIC Countries

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