Our Dedication to Excellence


Cortes Campers has "patent pending designs" for its RV Travel Trailers and Campers. Due to the overwhelming interest being shown, we want you to see the work-in-progress on the 17' Travel Trailer. 


Creating the plug and mold for the 17' Travel Trailer starts the production process.

To manufacture our Cortes Campers, we design and make the plug first, then produce the molds. The molds are used to fabricate the outside and inside of the travel trailers and campers. 


Fabrication method and materials makes a strong, lightweight, durable unit with contemporary design both inside and out. 

  • Top coat of ARMORCOTE 991 Marine Gel Coats from POLYNT

  • Two layers of 1208 biaxial fiberglass

  • One inch inner layer of honeycomb core

  • Two layers of 1208 biaxial fiberglass

View the Photo Gallery of our progress on three of the patent pending materials.