Cortes Campers Job Openings


Cortes Campers is hiring! We are a fast-growing manufacturer of RV campers and recreational boats located in Euclid, Ohio.


Looking for a change? If so, we will train dependable, hard-working individuals willing to learn a new skill set.

RV Fiberglass Laminators will be trained to:

  • How to roll liquid gelcoat evenly into a large mold.

  • How to accurately measure and mix resin with catalysts.

  • How to roll first layer of resin evenly over gelcoat surface in mold.

  • How to measure and cut patterns for dry fiberglass cloth to lay into the mold.

  • How to hand lay dry fiberglass cloth into large mold. Roll flat to remove wrinkles.

  • How to roll second layer of resin evenly over dry fiberglass in the mold.

  • How to lay in the inner honeycomb core into the mold.


We work as a Team and look for individuals with...

  • Strong communications skills

  • Great attendance

  • Team player willing to take direction


Contact info@cortescampers.com to apply for this position. 


Visit www.cortescampers.com for more information about the company.