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Cortes Campers Takes to the Road with its 17-ft RV Travel Trailer!
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The future of travel trailers is here!

Engineered with high-performance composite materials and intelligent designs, Cortes Campers manufactures 100% molded fiberglass travel trailers and campers. 

It's no secret that ordinary trailers are notorious for being of very low quality, have a short lifespan and can be heavy enough to destroy your gas mileage and wear out your tow vehicle.


Just like another well-known travel trailer manufacturer that decided to build campers the same way airplanes were built approximately a century ago, Cortes Campers plans to repeat that success by manufacturing a technologically advanced trailer that utilizes the latest breakthroughs in aerospace manufacturing technologies. By utilizing the latest in lightweight aerospace materials, Cortes Campers offers a camper that is immune to corrosion, rust and rot, extremely lightweight all at a price that competes with traditional campers on the market.

Cortes Campers builds true four-season trailers capable of handling practically anything you can throw at them, so go ahead and take yours anywhere. Your next outdoor adventure awaits.

Cortes Campers are true 4-season campers!

Cortes Campers are approximately 50% lighter, much stronger, and smarter than anything you've ever experienced.


We've revolutionized the way trailers are built.


Like you, we have a love for outdoor adventure.


For years, our team has been innovating new breakthroughs in performance boating, RV electronics and high-end automotive fiberglass components.


Recently our engineering team was invited to tour several RV manufacturing factories. and when they saw how RV manufacturers were constructing their trailers with wood and staples, we then decided to rewrite the rules. Would you buy a new car or truck if the floors were made out of plywood? Now you understand.


Using cutting-edge materials and next-generation manufacturing processes, we've made all other trailers obsolete.


Forget everything you thought you knew about trailers.


Stronger, lighter, smarter. We've redefined recreational trailers.


With a Cortes Camper, you have the freedom to leave your worries behind. So you can relax and enjoy your next adventure like never before.

"Cortes Campers are designed to last a lifetime."

Cortes Campers manufacturers its 17-ft RV Travel Trailer with the highest quality fiberglass construction both inside and out!  
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Best-in-class high-performance composites

RV 17-ft is totally molded fiberglass interior with Furrion Appliances

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Double pane acrylic adjustable windows

Timbren Independent Axle System

Other RVs and campers are made with wood supports, beams and fixture mounts. They will rot away in time, especially if they are exposed to moisture or other elements. In most cases once the wood rots in hidden places or support beams, the camper is not worth fixing. It is way too involved and expensive to repair correctly, that's why we design Cortes Campers to last more than a lifetime. They have a very unique and durable structure along with a completely powder coated chassis.

Cortes Campers Uses Molded Composite Fiberglass Advanced Technology!

​Cortes Campers state-of-the-art travel trailers utilize the finest quality marine materials plus our advanced technology in molded fiberglass construction. For suspension, we are using an innovative one-of-a-kind axle-less independent suspension from Timbren Axle.


​The molded fiberglass body with an inner core guarantees durability, superior strength, and four-season insulation.

Cortes Campers Come Fully Equipped with Appliances and More!

​Cortes Campers come equipped with built-in Furrion Appliances including kitchen and entertainment center.

made in the USA!