Cortes Campers on a Conquest to Dominate the RV market!

With years of experience in designing and manufacturing offshore high-performance powerboats from the best-in-class marine fabrication materials, the company decided to challenge RV manufacturers by utilizing its expertise to design and build travel trailers for the RV market.


Cortes Campers plans to dominate the RV market with its top of the line molded fiberglass Travel Trailers with patent pending designs for comfort, style, durability and longevity. Only premium biaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber is used in the construction of the interior and exterior structural surfaces covering a core center. Only the best exclusive grade gel coats is applied to coat the fiberglass surface.

Cortes Campers does NOT use Chopper Gun Fiberglass
like brand name RV manufacturers!


Chopper Gun Fiberglass is a low-quality material that cracks. Cortes Campers uses superior biaxial
, which gives superior strength and durability to its travel trailers. Unlike other RV manufacturers, Cortes Campers will give the exact supplier name and part number of the materials and products used in the fabrication and construction of its travel trailers. If you can find a better, higher quality material in the marketplace, let Cortes Campers know and we will be glad to discuss with you how the company can build your travel trailer with these materials.   


Compare Cortes Campers fabrication biaxial patent pending aluminized fiberglass materials and their metal equivalences with other RV manufacturer materials to see how Cortes Campers plan to conquer the RV market.

COMPARE! All Fiberglass Materials are NOT Equal.

  • Chopper Gun Fiberglass, the RV Industry Standard, is comparable to Cast Iron metal and is heavy, brittle, and cheap.

  • Woven Roving Fiberglass is like Steel and is strong, heavy, and cheap.

  • Biaxial Fiberglass is comparable to Aluminum, which is very strong, very light, and more expensive.

  • Carbon Fiber and Kevlar are like Titanium metal, which is exceptionally strong, light, and very expensive.

Cortes Campers manufacturers its travel trailers and campers from the highest quality Biaxial Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber found in the marketplace.